Saturday, March 24, 2012


           New year is not a new word. The ushering in of a new year cannot give our life a new turn. Only a change of attitude can. so let us call this year (Nandana) a Sadhana Year! A year of spiritual accomplishment.

           Let this year bid good - bye to old and obsolete ideas and give a warm welcome to new and constructive ones. For this, we have to keep forever in view , the momentous value of life and aim at its worthiest use and sublimest end. Let us give up those foolish trifles and vanities which if given any importance will almost consume our whole life.

         Let this year be a beautiful awakening of the forgotten spirituality in us. Let us all become flutes in the hands of the Lord to sing His glories in the melancholic silence of our dreary lives. If the Lord has to play His tune trough us we have to empty ourselves of all ego and doer ship. All thoughts and actions that issue forth from our mind and body are His own and we only stand a witness to them. Whatever happens through us is His doing and what does not happen is also his will. This is the right attitude of a true devotee.

         We look to the world and its people for every good and bad that happens. Instead, look up to the Lord prayerfully for everything you want, and gratefully for everything you achieve.

        Vedanta is not just for hearing. we have to digest every utterance of Vedanta as every morsel of food that we eat.
           Nothing is impossible for a determined and a diligent seeker. Faith makes all things all things possible. Time is the most precious of all things and wasting the time is the greatest prodigality, since lost time is never regained. Let us then be up and be doing , and doing to the purpose.This alone will be an auspicious beginning of a new year, the year of hope, wisdom and peace.

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