Friday, April 06, 2012



Wow. Had a great 'Hanuman Jayanthi'(birthday day of lord hanuman). 

I went to temple at 11. The temple was embellishing at   that  time and the God is being anointing by the priest. Well, I met my friend Ranjith, Bhaskar, Mahesh after a long time at temple. This time I missed the anointing ceremony. But we embellished the temple with flags of Hanuman, wreath the doors of the temple and actively participated in temple activities.

So it’s being the hanuman jayanthi so many people from different areas had came to the temple. The temple was crowded by so many devotees. No one is idle. Everyone is busy in some work of temple. Some are helping the priest. Some are busy at decorating the temple. Some are helping at the 'Anna Prasad' (Food presented to the god or blest by a priest and then distributed in the temple) section. The temple was filled with fragrance of devotion, love and reverence. 

Mean while the priest completed Ornamenting the Lord Hanuman. The priest praised the Lord hanuman with the sacred hymns of Veda. Everyone prostrated towards Lord Hanuman. Then went to take Anna Prasad and then returned home at 2:30.  This time hanuman jayanthi has filled us with a great pleasure, satisfaction and devotion.

హనుమన్ జయంతి


                                               మనోజవం మారుత తుల్య వేగం
                                      జితేంద్రియం బుద్దిమతాం వరిష్ఠం
                                      వాతాత్మజం వానర యూధముఖ్యం
                                      శ్రీ రామ దూతం శిరసా నమామి||

మనోవేగము కలవాడు, వాయువుతో సమానమైన వేగము కలవాడు, ఇంద్రియములను జయించిన వాడు, బుద్దిమంతులలో శ్రేష్ఠుడు, వాయుదేవుని కుమారుడు, వానర సైన్యములో ముఖ్యుడు, శ్రీ రాముని దూత అయిన ఆంజనేయస్వామికి శిరమోడ్చి నమస్కరించుచున్నాను.

Monday, April 02, 2012


Blessed is the person who is too busy  to worry in the day time. And too sleepy to worry at night.