Thursday, October 04, 2012


It is one of the most difficult things to listen—to listen to the communist, to the socialist, to the congressman, to the capitalist, to anybody, to your wife, to your children, to your neighbor, to the bus conductor, to the bird—just to listen.
 It is only when you listen without the idea, without thought, that you are directly in contact; and being in contact, you will understand whether what he is saying is true or false; you do not have to discuss.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Gandhiji- an inspiration

1. He always told the people to do their work on their own without depending on others.
2. He was a freedom fighter but differed from other freedom fighters because of his Determination.
3. He never gave up and he never lost hope, even when his struggle met with failure.
4. He didn't let go of his belief in non-violence.
5. What he preached he first practiced. 6. He never asked anyone to do anything, but showed everyone how to do it. 7. He showed simple living and high thinking. 8. He did not believe in wars and conflicts as solutions. 9. He was also dedicated and considered all work to be important. 10. What inspired people to follow Gandhiji is his Courage and Confidence. He never hesitated to be on the path of truth and needed no one to support him. 11. He knew for certain that he was doing the right thing. When we do the right we need not have any fear. 12. Gandhiji practiced simplicity. He was fearless in speaking the truth and he practiced non-violent methods to put across his point of view. 13. Gandhiji never told people to follow him or regard himself as a leader. He never intended to lead but he choose to follow. 14.Seek the Truth and it will set you free. This is the principle of Gandhiji.