Monday, December 22, 2014

Not just an other year . . .

This year, 2015, is not just like past years. Some great thoughts are there in my mind. I may not write here.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

It's very hard to Habituate these . . .

I think the following things are very hard to learn, too hard to realize, too much hard to accept, almost highly impossible to practice. In fact they are lessons from legends.

  1. It is very hard for one to accept his mistakes. 
  2. Generally, so many people have an in built habit of pointing out others' mistakes rather than their.
  3. The hardest enemy and closest friend of (wo)man is ones' own self. He is the great of the greatest man in this world, who conquered his all senses. For the hardest victory is over self.
  4. Everyone is saint while preaching. But only few while practicing.
  5. It is best to be silent many times.
  6. Learn to listen.
  7. Never take chance with a biased personality.
  8. Learn to say 'ok' / 'Yes'.
  9. Speak well about others. Not of their faults.
  10. Never, Never, Never . . . Ever, Ever, Ever . . . Praise about you or your works with others. Never share details about you with others. It will destroy you.
  11.  Look like a child (No Lust). Smile like a child (No Jealous, No Anger). Sleep like a child (No thought about tomorrow). Live like a child (Human). My dear friend, be like a child forever, till the end. 
  12.  Try to become praise worthy rather than expecting praise.
  13. Do it now, what is supposed to be done then.
  14. Be friendly with all. Do not make enemies with your tongue, throat or thought.
  15. I'm sure. Some or other point of time in your life, you may at least once thank god for giving you 'Forgetfulness'.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Sayings from Sama Veda . . .

  • Saam Veda is considered to be the source from which Indian music has originated.
  • A compilation of richas (shlokas) is known as "Saama".
  • Richas form the basis of 'Saam'.
  • The beauty of speech lies in the Richas, the beauty of richas lie in the 'Saama' and the beauty of the 'Saama' lies in the individual's capability to sing it.
  • None other than Yogeshwar Sri Krishna has eulogised the greatness of Samaveda in the following manner-VEDAANAMA SAAMAVEDO ASMI meaning "Amongst Vedas, I am the Saamaveda."(Gita 10/22)
  • Saamaveda comprises of two main parts (i) Purvarchik (2) Uttararchik The middle portion is called Mahaanaam-nyaarchik, which itself comprises of 10 incantations. Purvarchik itself is sub-divided into 4 sections - Aagneya, Endra,Paavmaan and Aaranya.
  • One gets divine peace while listening to the incantations of Saama Veda.
  • Agni (fire) destroys the demons (vritras).
  • Agni is the deity, who shows us the (right) path
  • Agni blesses us with wealth.
  • O Agni, Thou are great ! Thou are the giver of happiness!
  • Agni is the protector of the people and the destroyer of demons!
  • O Agni! May you rise high like 'Suryadev' and be our provider!
  • Agni is the lord of noble valiance and good fortune!
  • Destroy 'people of hatred' with the help of knowledge.
  • Do not speak harsh words.
  • One, who maintains cleanliness keeps away diseases.
  • One who does not observe 'vrata' can never accomplish anything.
  • A scholar with exceptional knowledge is successful in vanquishing all his enemies.
  • Virtuous deeds make you great.
  • Benevolent scholars propagate knowledge.
  • One, who wears gems possesses wealth.
  • People of double standards never experience happiness.
  • Nothing can be achieved without enduring the 'fire of tapa'.
  • The provider of food protects one and all.
  • One, who is not a provider of food, I (God) destroy his food.
  • Knowledge propagated by scholars helps even the lowest category of ignorant ones to attain supremacy.
  • To attain salvation, tread on the path of progress.
  • Night,the provider of rest and relaxation, is propitious.
  • Agni dev's intellect is pure and benedictory
  • O Deities! May I never speak that which is against your dignity.
  • May 'fame' never abandon me.
  • A man of self-control becomes the master.
  • The yagya enkindles the flames of consciousness in human's mind.
  • Soma enthuses in us the enthusiasm to win.
  • A truthful person's speech is as sweet as honey.
  • Deities never favour the lazy and indolent.
  • Deities bless the diligent.
  • Avoid the company of those who abhor knowledge.
  • Never listen to anything that is evil.
  • Engage yourself in all that is auspicious.
  • You fight a battle everyday.
  • Having realized the truth, never become indolent.
  • The scholar by his specialized knowledge and by making best use of his 'energy' attains the ultimate goal and supremacy.
  • Fire enkindles fire
  • The propagator of who is always in touch with truth..accomplishes great deeds with the help of truth.
  • Adorn your speech.
  • Develop in yourself the capabilities to perform virtuous deeds.
  • A radiant scholar (master) is worshipped.
  • O Scholars! your good deeds have disseminated everywhere.
  • The fame of a scholar who has attained 'equilibrium' and whose deeds are 'supreme' spread everywhere
  • Religion makes it pure
  • A warrior who is well equipped for the great battle with appropriate weapons acquires wealth.
  • Bless us with radiance! Give us happiness and good-fortune...bless us with benediction.
  • Bless us with strength and power... Destroy our enemies and bless us with benediction.
  • Keep us under the shadow of thine valour and protection
  • There are 10 characteristics of 'Dharma' - (1) Stability of mind, (2) forgiveness, (3) benevolence, (4) abstinence, (5) purity, (6) Control of senses, (7) intellect, (8) knowledge, (9) truth , (10) abstinence from anger.
  • O Omniscient! fill the heaven and the earth with your divine radiance.
  • O intelligent Vayu! Come to us embellished with all your qualities.
  • One, who by the help of his 'knowledge',endeavours for the good of others, attains fame and makes rapid progress by the virtue of his capabilities.
  • Those kings, who do not conspire against each other... they sit amongst their courtiers in the court of 1000 pillars.
  • Imbibe the virtues of 'Vayu'.
  • Just as the carpenter gives shape to wood, in the same way Agni (Fire) purifies us and blesses us with success in our endeavors.
  • Salutations to the men of capabilities.
  • A person of self-restraint kills the demon 'Vala'.
  • May we live the best life in this world.
  • O Soma! May humans adhere by your rules.
  • The knowledgeable,in order to attain divinity, defeats all the wicked competitors.
  • We praise Agni, who assists in accomplishing 'Yagya' and who refines our intellect... one, who invokes the deities...the annihilator of 'enemies'...and the supreme motivator.
  • Indra and Agni are the embodiments of joy.
  • He makes the worthless, knowledgeable.
  • While making endeavours to purify his self, the 'sadhaka' practices the rigours of 'Yama' and 'Niyama'.
  • Thou are great just like all-capable deities.
  • The efulgence of 'yagya' appears pleasing and mellifluous.
  • A warrior who is well equipped for the great battle with appropriate weapons acquires wealth.
  • Bless us with radiance! Give us happiness and good-fortune...bless us with benediction.
  • Bless us with strength and power... Destroy our enemies and bless us with benediction.
  • Keep us under the shadow of thine valour and protection.
  • The 'dawn' knows how to protect.
  • May we contemplate upon you in each 'parva'(dawn and dusk).
  • Help in accomplishing our 'Yagya' for the attainment of our long life.
  • The devotee works assiduously to attain the wealth of salvation.
  • Alike 'Dharma', 'yagya' too has a path.
  • Friends never hurt or inflict pain on each other
  • Protect your children with your own efforts.
  • Thou are the vanquisher of enemies, irrepressible and mightiest.
  • A 'sadhaka' after having purified himself, illuminates the 'Sun of knowledge' in the 'heaven of mind'.
  • Those, who study the knowledge accumulated by sages, 'Saraswati' blesses them with milk, ghee, honey and water.
  • May humans enjoy bliss by the blessings of the 'purifying and benedictory' richas. He eats pure food and attains immortality.
  • O Agni, thou prevent the body from getting destroyed.
  • Just as the performer of 'yagya' is blessed with prosperity ,May we too be blessed in the same manner.
  • The great 'Surya' illuminates the heaven.
  • The king, by following the path of 'truth', gets benefitted in a special way.
  • One, whose path is all encompassing, protects us.
  • May your intellect protect us.
  • May we be receptive to your supreme intelligence and become strong.
  • Never allow us to fall prey to our pride.
  • Thou are brave and benevolent. Enthuse 'desires' in humans.
  • Just like Agnidev, who incinerates everything by His capability, in the same manner burn(destroy) the wicked and the ignorant ones.
  • Realise the potential of the mind and then rule it.
  • Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge is worthy of eulogisation.
  • Savitadev, who inspires our intelligence, may we contemplate upon His radiant form.
  • O Men! giving knowledge to ignorants, and forms to the formless thus rises the Sun after dawn.
  • Agnidev, after having ignited the 'havan' and then inspiring us to perform the 'rituals', keeps on moving upwards efficiently.
  • Great, brilliant and men of capabilities inspire us.
  • The 'donor' sees the immediate fruits of his benevolent deeds.
  • Agnidev blesses the 'donor' and the performer of 'yagya-karma' with 'wealth of reputation'.
  • Bless people with the light.
  • O Agni ! Protect us from people of diabolic tendencies and miserliness.
  • A scholar by his effulgence of knowledge, shines everywhere.
  • O Agni ! May you destroy all the diabolic forces one by one.
  • Having taken your refuge, May we neither fear nor get tired.
  • A scholar's fingers, by being constantly engaged in activities, acquire immense capabilities.
  • O Agni ! May thou not keep us away from 'battle'. Just as a labourer lifts loads!May thou prsented us the accumulated wealth, in the same way.
  • O Men! Look at the divine deeds of Vishnu; contemplate and then follow them.
  • A 'Gyani' treads on the path of truth.
  • Agni helps all to settle well.
  • O men! move ahead and be a winner.

Collection of Quotes on 'Self Control' . . .

I count him braver who conquers his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is the victory over self. ~ Aristotle

dAmyata datta dayadhvam janatA - Paramacharya

Victory over the senses ( self control ) is the root of ( stability of ) state.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ~Aristotle
There are 10 characteristics of 'Dharma' - (1) Stability of mind, (2) forgiveness, (3) benevolence, (4) abstinence, (5) purity, (6) Control of senses, (7) intellect, (8) knowledge, (9) truth , (10) abstinence from anger.


Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Sometimes I feel. . .

Sometimes I feel ignorance and forgetfulness helps man a lot than knowledge or strong memory. I experienced this so many times. May be that is the reason I'm somewhat more happy than others. An ignorant mind is own house of Happiness.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Rumi's Collection of Quotes

Driving the thoughts. . .

I hardly understood a secret. Earlier I was thinking about bad but striving not to do bad. That path was really like a knife on the neck. Highly horrible. Now I realized the fact. You can't perfectly get rid off this bad things until and unless you don't restrain thinking about the bad. Doing what your mind has said will surely lead to a big damage. Examining your thoughts is an important activity you need to perform on every thought that arises from the mind. From now on I stop counting the days of 'not doing bad' even I don't count the days of 'not thinking bad'. Instead I just enjoy the days of being only Good, feeling and filling Love from inside out upon all unconditionally.

Sunday, November 09, 2014


1) "Learn from the mistakes of others... you can't live long enough to make them all yourselves!!"- Chanakya

2)"A person should not be too honest. Straight trees are cut first and Honest people are screwed first." - Chanakya

3)"Even if a snake is not poisonous, it should pretend to be venomous."- Chanakya

4)"There is some self-interest behind every friendship. There is no friendship without self-interests. This is a bitter truth." - Chanakya

5)" Before you start some work, always ask yourself three questions - Why am I doing it, What the results might be and Will I be successful. Only when you think deeply and find satisfactory answers to these questions, go ahead." - Chanakya

6)"As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it."- Chanakya

7)"The world's biggest power is the youth and beauty of a woman."- Chanakya

8)"Once you start a working on something, don't be afraid of failure and don't abandon it. People who work sincerely are the happiest."- Chanakya

9)"The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person spreads in all direction."- Chanakya

10)"God is not present in idols. Your feelings are your god. The soul is your temple."- Chanakya

11) "A man is great by deeds, not by birth."- Chanakya

12) "Never make friends with people who are above or below you in status. Such friendships will never give you any happiness."- Chanakya

13) "Treat your kid like a darling for the first five years. For the next five years, scold them. By the time they turn sixteen, treat them like a friend. Your grown up children are your best friends."- Chanakya

14) "Books are as useful to a stupid person as a mirror is useful to a blind person."- Chanakya

15) "Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth."- Chanakya

Triple Filter

In ancient India, One day a person met the great Chanakya, and said, "Do you know what I just heard about your friend?"
"Hold on a minute," Chanakya replied. "Before telling me anything I'd like you to pass a little test....
It's called the Triple Filter Test."

"Triple filter?"
"That's right," Chanakya continued. "Before you talk to me about my friend, it might be a good idea to take a moment and filter what you're going to say. That's why I call it the triple filter test.
The first filter is TRUTH.
Have you made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell me is true?"
"No," the man said, "actually I just heard about it and..."
"All right," said Chanakya. "So you don't know if it's true or not.
Now let's try the second filter, the filter of GOODNESS. Is what you are about to tell me about my friend something good?"
"No, on the contrary..."
"So," Chankaya continued, "you want to tell me something bad about him, but you're not certain it's true.
You may still pass the test though, because there's one filter left, the filter of USEFULNESS.
Is what you want to tell me about my friend going to be useful to me?"
"No, not really."
"Well," concluded chankaya, "if what you want to tell me is neither true nor good nor even useful, why tell it to me at all?"
Use this triple filter each time you hear loose talk about any of your near and dear one

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Lamps in Life. . .

I'm writing this post with great pleasure. The purpose of lightening the lamps on Kaarthika Paurnami is to signify that to enlighten the lamp of wisdom in the mind. On this auspicious occasion I'm lightning two lamps in my mind. I'll ensure the progress till the next Kaarthika Paurnami. These two wisdom lamps are inspired from Bhagavad Gita and Sri Krishna. 
The first one is the foremost quality of a devotee out of 36 as instructed by Sri Krishna in Gita i.e Adveshtaa Sarva Bhoothaa-naam  - He who hates no one, that devotee is dear to Me.
The second lamp is inspired from the posture of Sri Krishna. Krishna always wear the flute. In his entire life time the one and only one which sought the taste of the kiss of Lord Sri Krishna is the only Vamsi (the name of the flute with Sri Krishna). Even I'm practicing to acquire such a pure mind to taste the kiss of my beloved God Sri Krishna. To purify the mind is the essence. I pray God for a divine life style.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

My Life Lessons - 1 : Diversion is Dangerous.

He said. . . I'm Doing. . .

He incarnates in so many forms. Yes I saw him so many times. Even today also. Today, due to some work in the office, I was unable to go for lunch on time. I went at 4:30 in the evening. There was a person sat in-front of me eating. I too started eating. Mean while he started talking to me. He was asking about my home town, my job etc.

. . . . . . . To be Continued Tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Pack Facebook till 9th Nov. . .

Daily during the work time my mind is tempting to open Facebook. Some or other way this is showing some negative effect on my work. So I started to restrict the use of Facebook.  I open Facebook only for 5 minutes in a day. This restriction is till November 9th. After this date I'll slowly extend the date. Facebook is not only wasting my time. But also filling my mind with useless things. In order not to disturb my mind from peace this initiative is very helpful.

Hands in the Society . . . Head in the Forest. . .

Slowly I'm realizing the what Karma Yoga means. My mind is floating in the air like a ship on the water. Earlier I felt, to swim the ocean of this mundane life. But now I sat in a boat called Wisdom to cross this ocean. My journey started now. Our Guru is the one who drives our boat of life. Guru alone knows how to cross this dangerous ocean. One thing that I need to do on my behalf is trust and have confidence on Guru.
I'm starting to live as per Karma Yoga Instructed in the Gita. I came to know this way of living in the life from my Guru. My journey starts on this day. The journey of happiness.To realize the eternal relationship between Me and God. My Guru is the beacon light who is the torch bearer of Sanatana Dharmah.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Decisions Matters a lot . . .

They matter a lot in the life. Decisions leave their foot prints strongly on human life. They alone nurtures the life. They alone even can perish the life. Decisions contrary to the propriety will no longer leave the man in happiness. But one must learn a great lesson in this world very early. Learn to say NO without any second thought. Learn to cross NOT the values of the life. There is no enough time for us to learn everything from experiences. You have to learn so many things and put them in practice through the very Instruction itself. I simply want to say, Never Ever Cross the line of DHARMAH.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Name - Fame

Many people in this world always in the work of gaining name and fame. They are important. But one should not sacrifice one's own self opinions. Lets see what the great personalities are saying about Name and Fame.

Fame is foolish, it is pointless, meaningless. Even if the whole world knows you, how does it make you richer? How does it make your life more blissful? How does it help you to be more understanding, to be more aware? To be more alert, to be more alive ? --- Osho.

“Really Hagrid, if you are holding out for universal popularity, I'm afraid you will be in this cabin for a very long time” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

“Do not yearn to be popular; be exquisite. Do not desire to be famous; be loved. Do not take pride in being expected; be palpable, unmistakable.” ― C. JoyBell C.

“I figured it is always better to be unpopular by your own choice.”― Tom Upton, Vanished.

“Get over it, Roo. If you have friends who actually like you, you’re popular enough.” ― E. Lockhart.

I don't care whether people like me or dislike me. I'm not on earth to win a popularity contest. I'm here to be the best human being I possibly can be. ----Tab Hunter.

Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, and riches take wings. Only one thing endures and that is character. --- Horace Greeley.

Avoid popularity if you would have peace. --- Abraham Lincoln

When people laugh at Mickey Mouse, it's because he's so human; and that is the secret of his popularity. --- Walt Disney

I realized I'll be more happy than now if I abandon the desire for name and fame.

Monday, October 06, 2014

I, in the path of Dharma, Day1

The only Path - The Path of Dharma. . .

Since long time, I'm continuously defeated in my own hands. The reason is at some time I'm becoming a slave to my senses and mind. Many a time my mind is giving place to the senses. As a result, failure has become a close friend of mine. I tried so many times to control my mind. But I realized, the practice of controlling the mind should not be 'certain' but 'continuous'. When I once again faced the defeat, my mind will usually get very strict and bring all the great qualities and rules into practice again. They are good for few days. Only few days. Later as usual habit, these will power to practice these qualities will eventually become weaker and more eventually they slowly disappear from the mind. At the same time, evil thoughts, ugly thoughts, dangerous thoughts will replace in place of the earlier. As a consequence, I have to taste the defeat once again. This is a cyclic process in my life since few years. I'm unable to come out of this cycle to purify my mind completely every nook and corner. 
There is a great manifestation of lord Vishnu as a complete human being called as Rama. Ramayan is all about Rama's life. I listened to Ramayan from great sages. Rama is a human being without even a single and small bad habit. 
How could Rama has achieved it, being a human like me? 
How Rama could have controlled his mind from anger, greed, lust, likes and dislikes, being a human like me? 
What is the strength of Rama behind such a great resisting and controlling ability, being a human like me?
How Rama has won the war with sensual pleasures without any defeat, being a human like me? 
What made Rama such a great man, being a human like me? 
As the manifestation of Vishnu as a pure human  being in the form of Rama, could able do this in the sense, Lord Vishnu wants to say, 
Even I can do this. 
Even I can control my mind and purify it. 
Even I can live like Rama.
We decided strongly from the core of heart to become addicted to Good qualities.
We decided not to move an inch from this pace.
A decision for the life time just like Lord Budha.
In his search to ultimate truth Lord Budha has took a oath. That is,

Ihasane susyatu me sariram
tvagasti mamsam pralayam ca yatu;
Aprapya bodhim bahukalpadurlabham
naivasanat kayam atah calisyate–

“Let my body wither away in this seat, let it be reduced to mere skin, flesh, and bones, but I shall not move an inch from hence till the highest enlightenment is gained.” 
Yes, Just like that. In my case a 'mission of purifying mind and heart'. In short, to attain 'Chitta Shudhi'. Keeping mind alive in great teachings always. Listening, Reading and Practicing is that only path. The path of Rama. That is Ramayan. Closing a slave life. Starting a new era to be good. This is possible by only following the path of Dharma. As Rama is called as,
Ramo vigrahavan dharmah,
even you should follow the same path like Rama. The path of Dharma. That is only the path to attain purity of mind. Attaining 'Chitta Shudhi' is my ultimate goal.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Green Tea - It's Healthy . . .

In the recent days, when I'm out during a break in the middle of my work, I had a Green Tea. The taste was unlike the usual tea and also the benefits. Here are some of those benefits which I found from various sources. 
1. Lowers Your Risk of Cancer.
2. Improves Brain Function and Makes You Smarter.
3. Improves Dental Health and Lowers Your Risk of Infection.
4. Strengthens immune system.
5. Reduces bad cholesterol in the blood.
6. Provides a relaxing and tranquilizing effect.
7. Helps with wrinkles and the signs of aging.
8. Weight Loss
9. Diabetes
10. Heart Disease.
11. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
Generally I don't have an habit of having Tea. But after knowing about Green Tea, I want to habituate to take Green Tea regularly instead of other beverages. Why shouldn't you have a trail? Sure, you like it irrespective of its taste.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Do not waste time . . .

Wasting the valuable time merely causes lot of damage to once future. Hence, Do not waste it. Do not sit idle. Do something worth-able. Something useful. Time is very precious. Do not waste even a half second. Still you have to learn so many things. Read so many good books. Do so much good on this earth. Practice so much good.  Time is God. If you utilize in a proper way, it adds more value to your life. Otherwise, it adds more value to your death.  Hence, do not waste even a single second of time.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Spread Love to everyone . . . Conflict with no one . . .

If you spread love. You receive the love. If you spread love, you will be happy. I'll be more happy spreading love. You'll be even more happy by receiving love.
And its been so many years you lost your smile and laugh. Don't know where, when and how you went away from them. Remember, you are here just to smile always, to laugh always and to be happy always and in all ways. I try beyond my abilities not to conflict with others. I try even more, to be friendly with everyone. Do not try to discover the mistakes in others, of course, though may be there are. But there is more good in man. Focus on it. Look others from the angle of wise and good. As a result, you'll be happy l, and even others too because of you. Hence, you achieve your third goal of your goals for this year.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Viveka-1 from Vivekananda

"In my first speech in this country, in Chicago, I addressed that audience as ‘Sisters and Brothers of America’, and you know that they all rose to their feet. You may wonder what made them do this, you may wonder if I had some strange power.
Let me tell you that I did have a power and this is it — never once in my life did I allow myself to have even one sexual thought. I trained my mind, my thinking, and the powers that man usually uses along that line – I put into a higher channel, and it developed a force so strong that nothing could resist it."
- Swami Vivekananda in a conversation with Mrs. George Roorbach: Complete Works – Volume 9

No complaint, No quarrel, No conflict . . .

I came here for a purpose. To perform my job properly and to achieve a goal. I should not forget this. I should remember only this. This only one thought in mind and nothing else. I specially should not think about others causing inconvenience to me. I don't want to complain anything about them, even a bit. I can complain and argue with them but not now. Because my mind cannot be trained for quarrel instead Love. Once if I create quarrel or conflict with somebody, to get out of it, minimum of two is required for my mind. I don't want all these. I came here for some purpose. I should see my business and go from here. There is no space in my mind for others. May only peace prevail in my mind.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Whats going on around me. . .

Shiva shankar is still in too many troubles and confusions.
Nagesh sir has injured  severely as he was drunk and driven, lost job. But yet changed nothing.

Operation 'Anger' . . .

Lust, anger and greed. These three are doorways to enter into the hell. I'm practicing to get out lust. But the second, anger, is already attacking me severely and unknowingly. Some or other way I'm slowly getting rid off the list but anger is very much stronger than lust. It is very hard to win over it.  I have to increase my abilities now. I start 'stop talking. It means I talk less. Very less. Not only with tongue but also with mind. May only Sri Krishna fill in my mind and other than that is restricted to only papers not mind. There is a certain unavoidable reasons behind the activities of others. Just accept them. If they are really wrong, let them know it  with cool words. Lust pollutes the mind. But anger destroys the peace in mind. As a result mind will become mindless. It is so many days that anger is continuously attacking on me. Fortunately I at least come to know this by today. I'll  try beyond my abilities to train my mind not to touch the anger. I train my self not to find mistakes in others instead I love everyone unconditionally. I pray to God for her divine grace on me to achieve the same. May love anrd prevail in my mind.
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantih . . .
Om peace peace peace.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stack overflow . . .

Since past few days, there is a continuous disturbance in my mind. I trying to stop the fighting of thoughts on my mind. Many a time I failed due to lack of proper clarity in mind. When I enters in worldly activities Love is disappearing from my heart. Just for silly reasons, my mind going throwing an array index out of bounds exception where my mind is getting filled with too many thoughts. As a result, wherever I go, conflicts are following me. It is the time to sing the following song everyday, and memorize its meaning everytime.
Maithreem Bhajatha , Akhila Hrujjethreem,
Atmavadeva paraanapi pashyatha
Yuddham thyajatha, Spardhaam Tyajata,
Thyajatha Pareshu akramamaakramanam
Jananee Pruthivee Kaamadughaastey
JanakO Devah Sakala Dayaaluh
Daamyata Datta Dayadhvam Janathaah
Sreyo Bhooyaath Sakala Janaanaam
Sreyo Bhooyaath Sakala Janaanaam
Sreyo Bhooyaath Sakala Janaanaam.
With friendship please serve,
And conquer all the hearts,
Please think that others are like you,
Please forsake war for ever,
Please forsake competition for ever,
Please forsake force to get,
Some one else’s property,
For mother earth yields all our desires,
And God our father is most merciful,
Restrain, donate and be kind,
To all the people of this world.
Let all the people, live with bliss,
Let all the people live with bliss,
Let all the people live with bliss.

May the friction gets void in mind. And may peace and clarity of thought prevail in my mind.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

See as it is . . .

Enjoy the beauty of world as it is. You discover so much happiness and peaceful mind.

Collection of Great Quotes . . .

1. "If you have assimilated five ideas and made them your life and character ,you have more education than any man who has got by heart a whole library "- Swami Vivekananda.
2. "I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self." -- Aristotle 

------- The list goes on.

Victory over Self . . .

What you listen, what you memorize, what you smell, what you think, what you speak will surely influence your life. But many of them straightly routes to the failure. Be careful with your senses. Especially the mind. It is very dangerous than any dangers. And one who masters his mind will master everything in this world.
"I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self." -- Aristotle

Monday, September 15, 2014

One by One

It is too much confusing to do thing all at a time. Learning to do things one after another to improve quality and reduce pressure on mind. How much small thing it may be, doing one activity at a time will give good results and also pleasure. Only one thought, all my powers combined together at one place, will yield productivity. 
Its not how busy you are,
Its that how productive you are.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

My favourite Book Titles

Sl.No Title Author
1. Ramayana Kalpa Vruksham Vishwanatha Sathyanarayana Shastri
2. Vishwambara C.Narayana Reddy
3. Paakudu Raallu Raavuri Baradhwaja
4. Veyi Padagalu Vishwanatha Sathyanarayana Shastri
5. Raghu Vamsham Kalidaasa Maha Kavi
6. Megha Sandesham Kalidaasa Maha Kavi
7. Kaadambari Raavuri Baradhwaja
8. Bhamini Vilaasam Panditha Raj Jagannath
8. Kanya Shulkam Gurajada Venkata Apparao

Discovery of True Smiles. . . 2

Amazed looking at that smile.
It hacked my mind for a while.
Those eyes are like lightening lamp,
Made an impression on mind like a stamp.

Secunderabad Railway Station:
A 55 year old lady walking on the platform along with her husband. She has not observed the water on the platform and were walking slowly. As she stepped unknowingly in the water, her leg has slipped and she fell down in seconds. Her husband and near by labor has helped her stand up and she slowly sat on a bench to take rest. After 2 to 3 minutes her husband asked "How are you feeling now?". Exactly at that time, she, that 55 year old lady smiled and said I'm O.K. What a smile! I was amazed. Even in such a situation, she smiled not just from lips but from the core of the heart. I wish my self to laugh like that even in any type critical situations.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A strong and Life Time Resolution. . .

I always want to be like a child. Children are god. There are no words in this universe to explain exactly their smile. Its my life time ambition and one and only one goal for my life, that is, to be like a child forever. Even diamonds glitters very less and it is use less at children's smile. Their eyes like lightening lamps. There is no light in this universe to compare the light in the eyes of children. No jealous, No anger, No likes, No dislikes But only a smile. I always want to be like that.

Its not Strength . . .

"Ganesh Nimarjan in Bhagyanagar Hyderabad, 70,000 Ganesh Mandaps, 45,000 Police for security, 3000 CCTV Cameras, Total 227 Kilometer of City Roads covered with Ganesh Visarjan Procession makes it one of the largest religious festival."
It sounds like a great thing to so many people. But not to me. Because . . .
"Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy and Medak districts covers a total area of 650 km2 (250 sq mi)."
In a small area of 250 sq mi., there are 70,000 Ganesh Mandaps. It sounds me how much disunity is there between the people. If there is really unity, there will very less number of Ganesh Mandaps. Right? Just think once. Unity is strength. Its only my personal opinion. May be I'm wrong.

Not Only Unhealthy but also a Big Sin. . .

Children are another form of God . . .

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Wastage + Sound + No Manners = Foolishness

My FaceBook Day . . .

I'm seeing only humans but no humanity. In olden days people used to fight with weapons. But in the present days people are fighting with words, with posts in Facebook. In olden days people used to fight at war fields but now people are fighting at Facebook. There is too much civil war in Facebook. They are hacking on others mind. People are turning brutal slowly and silently without knowing to themselves. Once I open Facebook, my mind is simply getting disturbed by reading those indirect civil war posts. I want to be away from that. I'll practice not to open Facebook but only once per a month. Hence, I decided that last day of every month is my Facebook day. That too, if the reason for opening Facebook is very much strong and there is no way to escape from it. 
And finally I wish, May the world live with mutual cooperating rather mutually criticizing and showing friendliness and love each other from the depth of the heart. And I also wish, May my mind won't rest for the betterment of Human kind. Lets live as Humans first. God Loves Humans with Humanity.
May Peace Prevail in Human Mind.

Connecting Dots . . .

Setting up big goals to reach in very less time is unrealistic. Many a time I have failed to achieve such a goals to reach in less time. But now I'm analyzing my strengths and weaknesses. I'll setup only small goals to reach. I'll slowly try to connect the dots to make a big line. Setting up only small goals to reach in a feasible time period. Slowly improving my strengths even to achieve bigger targets. 
Dare to Dream - Strive to Achieve

Just Focus . . .


Thursday, September 04, 2014

I visited The Great BhuvanaGiri Fort

It was an adventurous experience going top of the fort which is at an average elevation of 429 meters.
The hill itself is about 609.6 meters above the sea level spread over 40 acres of land.  It very Big. Two eyes are not enough to capture complete view. It is one and only one rock.
Bhuvangiri Fort - Full View
I observed some interesting things in the walk to climb the big rock. There is something like a tunnel in the middle of the fort, don't know where it leads to. But there is an instruction saying "No Way".  The walls of the fort are filled useless graffiti.
I climbed till the top of the hill. There were some ponds, nearly I observed 6 ponds on that big rock. I think in those days the kings and people on the rock might have used this ponds for drinking water. Some ponds look like swimming pools. May be the kings used them for bath. There is a small temple also. Lord Sri Rama's devotee Hanuman is the deity. And here is the temple. 
Hanuman Temple at Bhuvangiri Fort
I removed my footwear and bowed down to The Great Devotee Hanuman. Then again started my walk to top. 
Wherever there is influence of Hanuman, we can observe one thing in common. Yes, you are right. There are plenty of monkeys also. They don't say anything until you do something. They are all busy in being happy, playing and jumping. Just walked slowly and calmly at them. But one must be so careful at monkeys on this fort.  As I read in Ramayana, the great epic that,  wherever there are monkeys there will be no problem for water and fruits. That is true even on this round, elevated, big rock. They are very very happy not just like human. Have a look at them.
Monkey at Bhuvangiri Fort
The fort walls are build will big stones. Those stones are nearly some tons of weight. But interesting thing is how they brought such a heavy weighted rocks on to this 429 meters elevated rock. Great.

                                                                                                                        . . . . . . . . to be continued.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

No Sugar. . . Oh!

Oh! Am I already sweet enough. I stop eating sugar for one year. Let me see, what are the benefits and changes?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The concept of Postpone !

I want to implement the concept of postponement to achieve the desired goal. The concept of postponement tells that postpone all other activities which are irrelevant to achieve the goal. Po Po Po Postponement.

Roses and Thorns . . .

Straight forwardness.
Hurt never. Tell truth ever. Talk with love and friendliness ever and ever, but always be straight forward forever.I want to be like a Rose flower. But one should not forget that even such a beautiful Rose flower has thorns to its stem.

Surely Its not I. But he !

    Yeaeaea . . . . .
Many a time a come across such situations, where somebody unknowingly doing great things from me. Surely its not me. People praise me for unnecessary things. Yes. That greatness is not mine. That somebody is merely none other but my divine god, Lord Sri Krishna. For whatever people praise me, is actually belongs him. 
Recently, what happened is, there is a bug in our software system. I was struggling to get out of it. But I couldn't able to. Suddenly a thought raised  in my mind to comment out a single line. And add the same line at some other place. Something unknown is saying from inside, "this will workout". Yes, surprisingly that's worked out. 
Anyway, I'm moving to solve next bug. 
I wish myself not to expect praise from others, instead I always wish for myself to become praise worthy.

Lotus Feet !

The Lotus feet of Sri Krishna
Oh Krishna !
May I give my best today for whatever I have allotted to do today.

May I utilize all the powers you have given to me in the right manner.
May I fulfill all my responsibilities honestly.
May I study for the bank exams beyond my abilities.
May I eat less.
May I feed more.
May I sleep less.
May I work more.
May do not let me know more general knowledge.
May let me be as an innocent, ignorant.
May my mind blossom with the divine smell of your wisdom.
May I love infinitely.
May I be happy with devotion at your lotus feet.
May I see you in everything.
May you see me in everything, at every time.
May I do not know about the world much as it is being the dwelling of sorrow.

Hey Krishna, the supreme personality of god head,
I bow down to thee with devotion at your holy lotus feet
to flourish our minds and hearts and all senses with your Devotion . . .

Monday, August 25, 2014

Three things I Love too much . . .

దేవుని గుడి      - Temple
విద్య నేర్పే బడి  - School, College, Ashrama etc.
అమ్మ ఒడి        -  Mother Lap

దేవుని గుడి - Temple
విద్య నేర్పే బడి - School, College, Ashrama etc.
అమ్మ ఒడి - Mother Lap

They are God unto me . . .

Did you ever saw these people other than in idol and photos ? 
Maayavi Vishnu-My father and Goddess Lakshmi-My Mother
But you believe it or not, I am seeing them daily, talking with them daily. Eating with them. Sleeping with them, Joking with them. Laughing with them. Yes. Yes. Yes . . .
They have given me birth. They protected me. They saved me. They have given me education, devotion, discipline, everything. They taught me everything to be happy. They dreamed about me day and night. They sacrificed so many things for me. They have showered me with their love. They , they, they are the speaking gods, and walking temples. They are my parents. Something peacefully said by them is something that is strongly wished by god. God loves you, god cares for you, god talks to you; through your parents. Yes. Yes. Yes. I somehow realizing this fact in my daily life so many times. He, the Mayaavi Vishnu (I love to call him like this) resides in the form of your parents. Hence I'll be very careful while talking with them. I never be aggressive even a bit with them. They are really god unto me. I'm nothing at them. They are everything for me. He himself resembles as my parents.
Maatru devo bhava - May your mother be god unto you. 
Pithru devo bhava - May your father be god unto you.

Om Peace, Peace, Peace . . .

भद्रं कर्णेभिः शृणुयाम देवाः
भद्रं पश्येमाक्षभिर्यजत्राः
व्यशेम देवहितं यदायूः

Om Bhadram Karnnebhih Shrnnuyaama Devaah |
Bhadram Pashyema-Akssabhir-Yajatraah |
Sthirair-Anggais-Tussttuvaagasas-Tanuubhih |
Vyashema Devahitam Yad-Aayuh |

Om, May we Hear with our Ears what is Auspicious, O Devas,
May we See with our Eyes what is Auspicious, O Yajatraa,
May we Live with Contentment with Strong Body and Limbs.
May we Praise the God and sing His Glories during our Lifespan Allotted to us by the Devas,

स्वस्ति ्द्रो वृद्धश्रवाः
स्वस्ति नः पूषा विश्ववेदाः
स्वस्ति नस्ताक्षर्यो अरिष्टनेमिः
स्वस्ति नो वृहस्पतिर्दधातु
शा्तिः शा्तिः शा्तिः ॥

Svasti Na Indro Vrddha-Shravaah |
Svasti Nah Puussaa Vishva-Vedaah |
Svasti Nas-Taakssaryo Arisstta-Nemih |
Svasti No Vrhaspatir-Dadhaatu ||
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

May Lord Indra of Great Fame increase our Well-Being and Prosperity,
May Lord Pusha, who is All-Knowing, bless us with Well-Being and Prosperity,
May Lord Taakssarya (Garuda), who is the Protector, bless us with Well-Being and Prosperity,
May Lord Brihaspati also Bless us with Well-Being and Prosperity,
Om Peace, Peace, Peace

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Discovery of True Smiles . . .

Feeling pleasurable while writing this post. I like smiles. I simply love them. In my journey of happiness, I discovered some really true, honest and lovely smiles. I want to list them here. When I observed this smiles, I really felt happy and some unknown excitement, enthusiasm. I want to smile like them. In other words, I want to Love the world like them. It is a glory of God onto human. This post is subjected to regular update. Before going to know and see them, I want to smile Once.And here I'm. I'm sure somebody seeing this will definitely smile. Even laugh . . .
My Smile to Make you Smile . . .