Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lotus Feet !

The Lotus feet of Sri Krishna
Oh Krishna !
May I give my best today for whatever I have allotted to do today.

May I utilize all the powers you have given to me in the right manner.
May I fulfill all my responsibilities honestly.
May I study for the bank exams beyond my abilities.
May I eat less.
May I feed more.
May I sleep less.
May I work more.
May do not let me know more general knowledge.
May let me be as an innocent, ignorant.
May my mind blossom with the divine smell of your wisdom.
May I love infinitely.
May I be happy with devotion at your lotus feet.
May I see you in everything.
May you see me in everything, at every time.
May I do not know about the world much as it is being the dwelling of sorrow.

Hey Krishna, the supreme personality of god head,
I bow down to thee with devotion at your holy lotus feet
to flourish our minds and hearts and all senses with your Devotion . . .

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