Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Surely Its not I. But he !

    Yeaeaea . . . . .
Many a time a come across such situations, where somebody unknowingly doing great things from me. Surely its not me. People praise me for unnecessary things. Yes. That greatness is not mine. That somebody is merely none other but my divine god, Lord Sri Krishna. For whatever people praise me, is actually belongs him. 
Recently, what happened is, there is a bug in our software system. I was struggling to get out of it. But I couldn't able to. Suddenly a thought raised  in my mind to comment out a single line. And add the same line at some other place. Something unknown is saying from inside, "this will workout". Yes, surprisingly that's worked out. 
Anyway, I'm moving to solve next bug. 
I wish myself not to expect praise from others, instead I always wish for myself to become praise worthy.

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