Monday, August 25, 2014

They are God unto me . . .

Did you ever saw these people other than in idol and photos ? 
Maayavi Vishnu-My father and Goddess Lakshmi-My Mother
But you believe it or not, I am seeing them daily, talking with them daily. Eating with them. Sleeping with them, Joking with them. Laughing with them. Yes. Yes. Yes . . .
They have given me birth. They protected me. They saved me. They have given me education, devotion, discipline, everything. They taught me everything to be happy. They dreamed about me day and night. They sacrificed so many things for me. They have showered me with their love. They , they, they are the speaking gods, and walking temples. They are my parents. Something peacefully said by them is something that is strongly wished by god. God loves you, god cares for you, god talks to you; through your parents. Yes. Yes. Yes. I somehow realizing this fact in my daily life so many times. He, the Mayaavi Vishnu (I love to call him like this) resides in the form of your parents. Hence I'll be very careful while talking with them. I never be aggressive even a bit with them. They are really god unto me. I'm nothing at them. They are everything for me. He himself resembles as my parents.
Maatru devo bhava - May your mother be god unto you. 
Pithru devo bhava - May your father be god unto you.

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