Sunday, September 14, 2014

Discovery of True Smiles. . . 2

Amazed looking at that smile.
It hacked my mind for a while.
Those eyes are like lightening lamp,
Made an impression on mind like a stamp.

Secunderabad Railway Station:
A 55 year old lady walking on the platform along with her husband. She has not observed the water on the platform and were walking slowly. As she stepped unknowingly in the water, her leg has slipped and she fell down in seconds. Her husband and near by labor has helped her stand up and she slowly sat on a bench to take rest. After 2 to 3 minutes her husband asked "How are you feeling now?". Exactly at that time, she, that 55 year old lady smiled and said I'm O.K. What a smile! I was amazed. Even in such a situation, she smiled not just from lips but from the core of the heart. I wish my self to laugh like that even in any type critical situations.

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