Thursday, September 04, 2014

I visited The Great BhuvanaGiri Fort

It was an adventurous experience going top of the fort which is at an average elevation of 429 meters.
The hill itself is about 609.6 meters above the sea level spread over 40 acres of land.  It very Big. Two eyes are not enough to capture complete view. It is one and only one rock.
Bhuvangiri Fort - Full View
I observed some interesting things in the walk to climb the big rock. There is something like a tunnel in the middle of the fort, don't know where it leads to. But there is an instruction saying "No Way".  The walls of the fort are filled useless graffiti.
I climbed till the top of the hill. There were some ponds, nearly I observed 6 ponds on that big rock. I think in those days the kings and people on the rock might have used this ponds for drinking water. Some ponds look like swimming pools. May be the kings used them for bath. There is a small temple also. Lord Sri Rama's devotee Hanuman is the deity. And here is the temple. 
Hanuman Temple at Bhuvangiri Fort
I removed my footwear and bowed down to The Great Devotee Hanuman. Then again started my walk to top. 
Wherever there is influence of Hanuman, we can observe one thing in common. Yes, you are right. There are plenty of monkeys also. They don't say anything until you do something. They are all busy in being happy, playing and jumping. Just walked slowly and calmly at them. But one must be so careful at monkeys on this fort.  As I read in Ramayana, the great epic that,  wherever there are monkeys there will be no problem for water and fruits. That is true even on this round, elevated, big rock. They are very very happy not just like human. Have a look at them.
Monkey at Bhuvangiri Fort
The fort walls are build will big stones. Those stones are nearly some tons of weight. But interesting thing is how they brought such a heavy weighted rocks on to this 429 meters elevated rock. Great.

                                                                                                                        . . . . . . . . to be continued.

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