Tuesday, September 09, 2014

My FaceBook Day . . .

I'm seeing only humans but no humanity. In olden days people used to fight with weapons. But in the present days people are fighting with words, with posts in Facebook. In olden days people used to fight at war fields but now people are fighting at Facebook. There is too much civil war in Facebook. They are hacking on others mind. People are turning brutal slowly and silently without knowing to themselves. Once I open Facebook, my mind is simply getting disturbed by reading those indirect civil war posts. I want to be away from that. I'll practice not to open Facebook but only once per a month. Hence, I decided that last day of every month is my Facebook day. That too, if the reason for opening Facebook is very much strong and there is no way to escape from it. 
And finally I wish, May the world live with mutual cooperating rather mutually criticizing and showing friendliness and love each other from the depth of the heart. And I also wish, May my mind won't rest for the betterment of Human kind. Lets live as Humans first. God Loves Humans with Humanity.
May Peace Prevail in Human Mind.

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