Monday, September 22, 2014

Spread Love to everyone . . . Conflict with no one . . .

If you spread love. You receive the love. If you spread love, you will be happy. I'll be more happy spreading love. You'll be even more happy by receiving love.
And its been so many years you lost your smile and laugh. Don't know where, when and how you went away from them. Remember, you are here just to smile always, to laugh always and to be happy always and in all ways. I try beyond my abilities not to conflict with others. I try even more, to be friendly with everyone. Do not try to discover the mistakes in others, of course, though may be there are. But there is more good in man. Focus on it. Look others from the angle of wise and good. As a result, you'll be happy l, and even others too because of you. Hence, you achieve your third goal of your goals for this year.

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