Monday, October 06, 2014

The only Path - The Path of Dharma. . .

Since long time, I'm continuously defeated in my own hands. The reason is at some time I'm becoming a slave to my senses and mind. Many a time my mind is giving place to the senses. As a result, failure has become a close friend of mine. I tried so many times to control my mind. But I realized, the practice of controlling the mind should not be 'certain' but 'continuous'. When I once again faced the defeat, my mind will usually get very strict and bring all the great qualities and rules into practice again. They are good for few days. Only few days. Later as usual habit, these will power to practice these qualities will eventually become weaker and more eventually they slowly disappear from the mind. At the same time, evil thoughts, ugly thoughts, dangerous thoughts will replace in place of the earlier. As a consequence, I have to taste the defeat once again. This is a cyclic process in my life since few years. I'm unable to come out of this cycle to purify my mind completely every nook and corner. 
There is a great manifestation of lord Vishnu as a complete human being called as Rama. Ramayan is all about Rama's life. I listened to Ramayan from great sages. Rama is a human being without even a single and small bad habit. 
How could Rama has achieved it, being a human like me? 
How Rama could have controlled his mind from anger, greed, lust, likes and dislikes, being a human like me? 
What is the strength of Rama behind such a great resisting and controlling ability, being a human like me?
How Rama has won the war with sensual pleasures without any defeat, being a human like me? 
What made Rama such a great man, being a human like me? 
As the manifestation of Vishnu as a pure human  being in the form of Rama, could able do this in the sense, Lord Vishnu wants to say, 
Even I can do this. 
Even I can control my mind and purify it. 
Even I can live like Rama.
We decided strongly from the core of heart to become addicted to Good qualities.
We decided not to move an inch from this pace.
A decision for the life time just like Lord Budha.
In his search to ultimate truth Lord Budha has took a oath. That is,

Ihasane susyatu me sariram
tvagasti mamsam pralayam ca yatu;
Aprapya bodhim bahukalpadurlabham
naivasanat kayam atah calisyate–

“Let my body wither away in this seat, let it be reduced to mere skin, flesh, and bones, but I shall not move an inch from hence till the highest enlightenment is gained.” 
Yes, Just like that. In my case a 'mission of purifying mind and heart'. In short, to attain 'Chitta Shudhi'. Keeping mind alive in great teachings always. Listening, Reading and Practicing is that only path. The path of Rama. That is Ramayan. Closing a slave life. Starting a new era to be good. This is possible by only following the path of Dharma. As Rama is called as,
Ramo vigrahavan dharmah,
even you should follow the same path like Rama. The path of Dharma. That is only the path to attain purity of mind. Attaining 'Chitta Shudhi' is my ultimate goal.

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