Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Hands in the Society . . . Head in the Forest. . .

Slowly I'm realizing the what Karma Yoga means. My mind is floating in the air like a ship on the water. Earlier I felt, to swim the ocean of this mundane life. But now I sat in a boat called Wisdom to cross this ocean. My journey started now. Our Guru is the one who drives our boat of life. Guru alone knows how to cross this dangerous ocean. One thing that I need to do on my behalf is trust and have confidence on Guru.
I'm starting to live as per Karma Yoga Instructed in the Gita. I came to know this way of living in the life from my Guru. My journey starts on this day. The journey of happiness.To realize the eternal relationship between Me and God. My Guru is the beacon light who is the torch bearer of Sanatana Dharmah.

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