Thursday, November 06, 2014

Lamps in Life. . .

I'm writing this post with great pleasure. The purpose of lightening the lamps on Kaarthika Paurnami is to signify that to enlighten the lamp of wisdom in the mind. On this auspicious occasion I'm lightning two lamps in my mind. I'll ensure the progress till the next Kaarthika Paurnami. These two wisdom lamps are inspired from Bhagavad Gita and Sri Krishna. 
The first one is the foremost quality of a devotee out of 36 as instructed by Sri Krishna in Gita i.e Adveshtaa Sarva Bhoothaa-naam  - He who hates no one, that devotee is dear to Me.
The second lamp is inspired from the posture of Sri Krishna. Krishna always wear the flute. In his entire life time the one and only one which sought the taste of the kiss of Lord Sri Krishna is the only Vamsi (the name of the flute with Sri Krishna). Even I'm practicing to acquire such a pure mind to taste the kiss of my beloved God Sri Krishna. To purify the mind is the essence. I pray God for a divine life style.

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