Monday, December 22, 2014

Not just an other year . . .

This year, 2015, is not just like past years. Some great thoughts are there in my mind. I may not write here.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

It's very hard to Habituate these . . .

I think the following things are very hard to learn, too hard to realize, too much hard to accept, almost highly impossible to practice. In fact they are lessons from legends.

  1. It is very hard for one to accept his mistakes. 
  2. Generally, so many people have an in built habit of pointing out others' mistakes rather than their.
  3. The hardest enemy and closest friend of (wo)man is ones' own self. He is the great of the greatest man in this world, who conquered his all senses. For the hardest victory is over self.
  4. Everyone is saint while preaching. But only few while practicing.
  5. It is best to be silent many times.
  6. Learn to listen.
  7. Never take chance with a biased personality.
  8. Learn to say 'ok' / 'Yes'.
  9. Speak well about others. Not of their faults.
  10. Never, Never, Never . . . Ever, Ever, Ever . . . Praise about you or your works with others. Never share details about you with others. It will destroy you.
  11.  Look like a child (No Lust). Smile like a child (No Jealous, No Anger). Sleep like a child (No thought about tomorrow). Live like a child (Human). My dear friend, be like a child forever, till the end. 
  12.  Try to become praise worthy rather than expecting praise.
  13. Do it now, what is supposed to be done then.
  14. Be friendly with all. Do not make enemies with your tongue, throat or thought.
  15. I'm sure. Some or other point of time in your life, you may at least once thank god for giving you 'Forgetfulness'.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Sayings from Sama Veda . . .

  • Saam Veda is considered to be the source from which Indian music has originated.
  • A compilation of richas (shlokas) is known as "Saama".
  • Richas form the basis of 'Saam'.
  • The beauty of speech lies in the Richas, the beauty of richas lie in the 'Saama' and the beauty of the 'Saama' lies in the individual's capability to sing it.
  • None other than Yogeshwar Sri Krishna has eulogised the greatness of Samaveda in the following manner-VEDAANAMA SAAMAVEDO ASMI meaning "Amongst Vedas, I am the Saamaveda."(Gita 10/22)
  • Saamaveda comprises of two main parts (i) Purvarchik (2) Uttararchik The middle portion is called Mahaanaam-nyaarchik, which itself comprises of 10 incantations. Purvarchik itself is sub-divided into 4 sections - Aagneya, Endra,Paavmaan and Aaranya.
  • One gets divine peace while listening to the incantations of Saama Veda.
  • Agni (fire) destroys the demons (vritras).
  • Agni is the deity, who shows us the (right) path
  • Agni blesses us with wealth.
  • O Agni, Thou are great ! Thou are the giver of happiness!
  • Agni is the protector of the people and the destroyer of demons!
  • O Agni! May you rise high like 'Suryadev' and be our provider!
  • Agni is the lord of noble valiance and good fortune!
  • Destroy 'people of hatred' with the help of knowledge.
  • Do not speak harsh words.
  • One, who maintains cleanliness keeps away diseases.
  • One who does not observe 'vrata' can never accomplish anything.
  • A scholar with exceptional knowledge is successful in vanquishing all his enemies.
  • Virtuous deeds make you great.
  • Benevolent scholars propagate knowledge.
  • One, who wears gems possesses wealth.
  • People of double standards never experience happiness.
  • Nothing can be achieved without enduring the 'fire of tapa'.
  • The provider of food protects one and all.
  • One, who is not a provider of food, I (God) destroy his food.
  • Knowledge propagated by scholars helps even the lowest category of ignorant ones to attain supremacy.
  • To attain salvation, tread on the path of progress.
  • Night,the provider of rest and relaxation, is propitious.
  • Agni dev's intellect is pure and benedictory
  • O Deities! May I never speak that which is against your dignity.
  • May 'fame' never abandon me.
  • A man of self-control becomes the master.
  • The yagya enkindles the flames of consciousness in human's mind.
  • Soma enthuses in us the enthusiasm to win.
  • A truthful person's speech is as sweet as honey.
  • Deities never favour the lazy and indolent.
  • Deities bless the diligent.
  • Avoid the company of those who abhor knowledge.
  • Never listen to anything that is evil.
  • Engage yourself in all that is auspicious.
  • You fight a battle everyday.
  • Having realized the truth, never become indolent.
  • The scholar by his specialized knowledge and by making best use of his 'energy' attains the ultimate goal and supremacy.
  • Fire enkindles fire
  • The propagator of who is always in touch with truth..accomplishes great deeds with the help of truth.
  • Adorn your speech.
  • Develop in yourself the capabilities to perform virtuous deeds.
  • A radiant scholar (master) is worshipped.
  • O Scholars! your good deeds have disseminated everywhere.
  • The fame of a scholar who has attained 'equilibrium' and whose deeds are 'supreme' spread everywhere
  • Religion makes it pure
  • A warrior who is well equipped for the great battle with appropriate weapons acquires wealth.
  • Bless us with radiance! Give us happiness and good-fortune...bless us with benediction.
  • Bless us with strength and power... Destroy our enemies and bless us with benediction.
  • Keep us under the shadow of thine valour and protection
  • There are 10 characteristics of 'Dharma' - (1) Stability of mind, (2) forgiveness, (3) benevolence, (4) abstinence, (5) purity, (6) Control of senses, (7) intellect, (8) knowledge, (9) truth , (10) abstinence from anger.
  • O Omniscient! fill the heaven and the earth with your divine radiance.
  • O intelligent Vayu! Come to us embellished with all your qualities.
  • One, who by the help of his 'knowledge',endeavours for the good of others, attains fame and makes rapid progress by the virtue of his capabilities.
  • Those kings, who do not conspire against each other... they sit amongst their courtiers in the court of 1000 pillars.
  • Imbibe the virtues of 'Vayu'.
  • Just as the carpenter gives shape to wood, in the same way Agni (Fire) purifies us and blesses us with success in our endeavors.
  • Salutations to the men of capabilities.
  • A person of self-restraint kills the demon 'Vala'.
  • May we live the best life in this world.
  • O Soma! May humans adhere by your rules.
  • The knowledgeable,in order to attain divinity, defeats all the wicked competitors.
  • We praise Agni, who assists in accomplishing 'Yagya' and who refines our intellect... one, who invokes the deities...the annihilator of 'enemies'...and the supreme motivator.
  • Indra and Agni are the embodiments of joy.
  • He makes the worthless, knowledgeable.
  • While making endeavours to purify his self, the 'sadhaka' practices the rigours of 'Yama' and 'Niyama'.
  • Thou are great just like all-capable deities.
  • The efulgence of 'yagya' appears pleasing and mellifluous.
  • A warrior who is well equipped for the great battle with appropriate weapons acquires wealth.
  • Bless us with radiance! Give us happiness and good-fortune...bless us with benediction.
  • Bless us with strength and power... Destroy our enemies and bless us with benediction.
  • Keep us under the shadow of thine valour and protection.
  • The 'dawn' knows how to protect.
  • May we contemplate upon you in each 'parva'(dawn and dusk).
  • Help in accomplishing our 'Yagya' for the attainment of our long life.
  • The devotee works assiduously to attain the wealth of salvation.
  • Alike 'Dharma', 'yagya' too has a path.
  • Friends never hurt or inflict pain on each other
  • Protect your children with your own efforts.
  • Thou are the vanquisher of enemies, irrepressible and mightiest.
  • A 'sadhaka' after having purified himself, illuminates the 'Sun of knowledge' in the 'heaven of mind'.
  • Those, who study the knowledge accumulated by sages, 'Saraswati' blesses them with milk, ghee, honey and water.
  • May humans enjoy bliss by the blessings of the 'purifying and benedictory' richas. He eats pure food and attains immortality.
  • O Agni, thou prevent the body from getting destroyed.
  • Just as the performer of 'yagya' is blessed with prosperity ,May we too be blessed in the same manner.
  • The great 'Surya' illuminates the heaven.
  • The king, by following the path of 'truth', gets benefitted in a special way.
  • One, whose path is all encompassing, protects us.
  • May your intellect protect us.
  • May we be receptive to your supreme intelligence and become strong.
  • Never allow us to fall prey to our pride.
  • Thou are brave and benevolent. Enthuse 'desires' in humans.
  • Just like Agnidev, who incinerates everything by His capability, in the same manner burn(destroy) the wicked and the ignorant ones.
  • Realise the potential of the mind and then rule it.
  • Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge is worthy of eulogisation.
  • Savitadev, who inspires our intelligence, may we contemplate upon His radiant form.
  • O Men! giving knowledge to ignorants, and forms to the formless thus rises the Sun after dawn.
  • Agnidev, after having ignited the 'havan' and then inspiring us to perform the 'rituals', keeps on moving upwards efficiently.
  • Great, brilliant and men of capabilities inspire us.
  • The 'donor' sees the immediate fruits of his benevolent deeds.
  • Agnidev blesses the 'donor' and the performer of 'yagya-karma' with 'wealth of reputation'.
  • Bless people with the light.
  • O Agni ! Protect us from people of diabolic tendencies and miserliness.
  • A scholar by his effulgence of knowledge, shines everywhere.
  • O Agni ! May you destroy all the diabolic forces one by one.
  • Having taken your refuge, May we neither fear nor get tired.
  • A scholar's fingers, by being constantly engaged in activities, acquire immense capabilities.
  • O Agni ! May thou not keep us away from 'battle'. Just as a labourer lifts loads!May thou prsented us the accumulated wealth, in the same way.
  • O Men! Look at the divine deeds of Vishnu; contemplate and then follow them.
  • A 'Gyani' treads on the path of truth.
  • Agni helps all to settle well.
  • O men! move ahead and be a winner.

Collection of Quotes on 'Self Control' . . .

I count him braver who conquers his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is the victory over self. ~ Aristotle

dAmyata datta dayadhvam janatA - Paramacharya

Victory over the senses ( self control ) is the root of ( stability of ) state.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ~Aristotle
There are 10 characteristics of 'Dharma' - (1) Stability of mind, (2) forgiveness, (3) benevolence, (4) abstinence, (5) purity, (6) Control of senses, (7) intellect, (8) knowledge, (9) truth , (10) abstinence from anger.


Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Sometimes I feel. . .

Sometimes I feel ignorance and forgetfulness helps man a lot than knowledge or strong memory. I experienced this so many times. May be that is the reason I'm somewhat more happy than others. An ignorant mind is own house of Happiness.