Saturday, December 13, 2014

It's very hard to Habituate these . . .

I think the following things are very hard to learn, too hard to realize, too much hard to accept, almost highly impossible to practice. In fact they are lessons from legends.

  1. It is very hard for one to accept his mistakes. 
  2. Generally, so many people have an in built habit of pointing out others' mistakes rather than their.
  3. The hardest enemy and closest friend of (wo)man is ones' own self. He is the great of the greatest man in this world, who conquered his all senses. For the hardest victory is over self.
  4. Everyone is saint while preaching. But only few while practicing.
  5. It is best to be silent many times.
  6. Learn to listen.
  7. Never take chance with a biased personality.
  8. Learn to say 'ok' / 'Yes'.
  9. Speak well about others. Not of their faults.
  10. Never, Never, Never . . . Ever, Ever, Ever . . . Praise about you or your works with others. Never share details about you with others. It will destroy you.
  11.  Look like a child (No Lust). Smile like a child (No Jealous, No Anger). Sleep like a child (No thought about tomorrow). Live like a child (Human). My dear friend, be like a child forever, till the end. 
  12.  Try to become praise worthy rather than expecting praise.
  13. Do it now, what is supposed to be done then.
  14. Be friendly with all. Do not make enemies with your tongue, throat or thought.
  15. I'm sure. Some or other point of time in your life, you may at least once thank god for giving you 'Forgetfulness'.

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