Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Overcome even this . . .

I want few just few more days to forget. Yes, just few more days. I walked a long way on the path of purity. I succeeded few times but I failed many times. Fighting with oneself is the biggest battle a man can ever go. I failed many times in that battle. But every time I failed, I learned a lesson, which had a strong impact on me. Now I become little stronger. Everyday is very important in the path of progress. I just pray to god, not to surrender for any of the two enemies, raaga and dwesha. I can able to control them at my best. But that is not at all enough. I need to do so much practice saadana in this regard. I have to be very careful during the time of over eating, or eating the restricted food viz., coke, bakery food and all that which is not saathwik. Now all I need is a strong will to take many more steps forward. What is happened is happened. Everyday is a new beginning for continuing yesterday's progress with more enthusiasm and joy. Today I had samosa and coke. I should be very much careful with my mind especially today. The food we take has a strong influence on our mind. I realized this fact. Generally I don't like this beverages and bakery food. But today situation has prompted me to have. I was unable to avoid it. It was not in my control. Many a time, the external attractions and internal ignorance will always try to throw me again into that mud of likes and dislikes and its consequences. I'm using all powers in that path to overcome that evil force. 
But one thing I must learn very quickly. You should experience the knowledge but should not come to a situation to learn from your experience.
Hence gain more knowledge than yesterday and be more stronger than yesterday.

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